Took some shots of my CGT in Lyon, France. Can’t wait to do the same with my Raptor 2



Lyon is a beautiful city and one of the best cities in Europe for e-riding in my opinion. Two rivers, that means 4 long straight roads with lots of bike lanes and beautiful bridges to cross, parks, clean flat roads, etc.

Click on them to watch in HD :slight_smile:

PS: We always wear helmets. This was just for the shot.


They look great!


Thank you!


Nice shots. I just got my GTX.

As you said…the AT wheels are what it’s all about! The only issue is having thus far is my heels hitting the AT tire when carving. Btw what happened to you on reddit? You got your account banned?


Hey man! Congrats on the GTX, still reading the subreddit. It’s a whole different experience right? The freedom of going wherever you want, not worrying about cracks etc… And that range.

But can’t wait for Enertion to release their “mbs” type wheels for the raptor 2. Hopefully it will be offer a similar experience.

Yea seems like the mod got what he wanted. Basically he reported for ban evasion a while back. I got banned but sortied out. Apparently he did it again, and the admin, this time, banned me for having once interacted on the The_donald subreddit, where I got banned from, and then months later interacted their again which was then my new main account, while I completely forgot they banned me there already. Shouldn’t have wasted my time there anyway. Apparently that’s enough to get banned from reddit. Still fighting that ban though. I’m glad people are still using /r/electrickskateboards though.