Top 7 Best Electric Skateboards You Can Buy 2018




I wouldn’t buy any of those, most can hardly be called “skateboards” and all our made by chinese factories and none by actual skateboard companies…There’s a list of top electric skateboards, those are not them…I would start with Carvon, Jed, PsychoKiller, buildkitboards, ollin, metro…and la la la…why are none mentioned when they are in in fact the top picks and the best in the industry? I think all these marketing videos are shills and paid for by the factories…they make no sense to me…sorry , someone has to say it…


The Raptor 2 is a very good board


Because those companies are more involved in the DIY business which represents less than 20% of the market.

And btw it is Psychotiller…


You do realize that they are talking abouth production board and not DIY…