TSG Carbon 😍 For Sales 🎇!


Ok Guys… I know for some of you it might be a repost from the builder Forum… but Safety First…

I was passing by my local SkateShop today trying to score a nice longboard rack for my new shop layout. I ended up getting discount price on TSG PASS Carbon helmet. The helmet are not in special on there web site, but I will put the link, so you can see what is available. The discount price was around 350 USD (or I can try to get them for less depending on the demand), which is a good 90$ less from there original price. I don’t know what the shipping price is yet, but I could probably see with them. There are about 20 in stock, so let me know if your interest, shipping is from Canada, so It’s a good deal for my fellow Canadian brother (or sister… I use the term brother as generic, to describe how much I like you all guys (I also Like American and European… I don’t want to start a war here)).

https://shop.boutiquerollin.com/products/tsg-the-pass-carbon-black?q=tsg10 .

For you to compare price, here is the listing on Daddy board shop and TSG



And if you want a Regular Helmet, just look at their website (Rollin web site, the first one) a let me know… I could probably get you a deal also.