Welcome to Discourse


Welcome to the ESK8 Club, an open community for electric skateboard enthusiasts to share the love of riding & owning e-boards.

This club is designed to bring us all together;

No matter where in the world you reside, or what board you ride, you are welcome to join the esk8 tribe!

United together as one entity with one common passion we can better educate the world about how awesome electric skateboards are.


Sounds great, can you explain a bit how the esk8.club is different from the general forum?


If by general you mean the .builder one, then the difference is the .club one is for complete while the other is for DIY. It’s a more welcoming place for people who don’t know much about DIY.


Exactly what @Purpleistacky said.

I felt that the esk8.builder forum is just too technical at times, often the entire forum gets filled with help & troubleshooting threads related to problems only experienced by people who build their own boards from parts from various DIY vendors.

That can be very intimidating and isn’t attractive for people who just want to learn about esk8 riding culture and the joy of riding esk8.

This new forum is focused on all the fun stuff. Less techno talk. Better advice and discussion about Electric Skateboards that come in a box pre-built.


Whats up all. Just got the memo hahah


Moderators: you should fix the non-www forward for this forum. For example the link to this thread without www doesn’t work: http://electric-skateboard.club/t/welcome-to-discourse/8