What Do People think about the meepo board 2


Im looking to buy one cause its inexpensive and goes fast. Im a first time eskater i used to ride a reg board. So i want an eboard to get to work and back.


Meepo’s/Ownboards/Wogo’s are great boards for beginners who don’t wan’t to sell a kidney.

Be sure to check reddit and other sources how delivery times are for these brands at the specific moment that you wan’t to buy it. Delivery times can vary greatly.

Reliability seems to be ok with these boards. Warranty can also vary between brands (pay for shipping or not) and how easy the customer support is reachable also vary’s greatly depending on how busy they are.

Tell us more though.

  • your weight with gear
  • incline on the way to work
  • road quality
  • distance

What are your expectations from the board?


The Meepo, Ownboard, and WowGo are closely related in hardware.

Check out the YouTube reviews for the subtle differences. From what I recall, the WowGo remote was favored over the Meepo remote.

Even traveling 11.1 miles, I’ve never returned home with less than a 25% charge with my 10 - 12 mile rated battery. I’m 167lbs and travel on fairly flat ground. If you’re a big person, I suggest a bigger battery option. I don’t think hills are as big a consideration, because on the return leg you coast down the same hill without using ANY battery power.

Regardless, you’re in for a good time. These things are a blast and VERY convenient, neighborhood transportation.