Wheel Bearing Cleaners


Hello, I know there are plenty of videos and discussions about this but I need some advise. The only thing I could find to clean my bearings was mineral spirits. I’ve read that this is bad because it’s toxic but I wear gloves and I do this in a well ventilated place. Do the mineral spirits actually damage my bearings? I have an evolve bamboo gtx with stock bearings. I used it last night on the two front wheels, dried them with a hair dryer than put 2 drops of speed cream in each one. I also used 3 in 1 oil on the truck poles. After reinstalling the wheels they spin much longer than they did when the bearings were brand new. I still need to do the back wheels tonight but if the mineral spirits are destructive I guess I’ll have to clean the front wheels again with something else. I’m not really sure what to do now.

Also, how often do you guys clean the drive gear bearings or is this just what they call the bearings on the back wheels? I’m a novice so I need some clarification.



Apparently I was supposed to rinse the bearings off with 99% alcohol after using the mineral spirits but nobody sells 99% which is why I bought the mineral spirits. I guess I’ll have to clean my bearings again to get whatever residue may be left over from the mineral spirits but all I can find is 91% isopropyl alcohol. Any suggestions where to get 99% or is 91% fine if I blow dry the bearings after?

The drive gear bearings are separate from the wheel bearings so I answered my own question. Still not sure how often to clean them though.


I is 91% iso and I dry them after and then add Teflon gun lube and this stuff makes for minimal maintenance.


100% isopropyl alcohol is the best as it leaves no residue and is safe to use inside. You dont need to rinse it just make sure its dry.