Wheel Innovation


Hello all,

Super excited about the future of electric personal transportation! I preordered my Raptor 2 yesterday after considering a OneWheel+ XR to use as a commuting tool. I’ve skated since I was young so wanted something that I know how to ride conceptually, that could also handle everything I want to throw at it and go faster than I would like. I was initially drawn to the OW because I’ve experienced the frustration and pain of getting thrown from a skateboard because of a 1/4 pebble or a gap between pavement slabs. I initially considered a Evolve All Terrain because of the bigger wheels but didn’t want the belt as an added point of failure.

It sounds like Enertion have their hands full with fulfillment at the moment but they’ve hinted at development of new wheels (in the image gallery of the Raptor 2 on their website) and I know a 97mm wheel is being released. I didn’t get the option to pick on my preorder but assume I will at some stage and will definitely opt for the largest I can get for NYC’s roads.

Since this is an emerging technology, I’m looking forward to putting my own industrial design degree to work; I know my way around CAD and 3D printing so when I get hold of my Raptor I’ll be tinkering. In the meantime, I wanted to get a feel for what’s in the works already.

I have seen these but does anyone know what other improvements are in the works across the industry to make riding 20mph+ on less than perfect roads a little less terrifying? Any smaller pneumatic tires or shock absorbing mechanisms at work?




Thank you for taking the plunge and pre-ordering a Raptor 2!

We have 97mm and 100mm crossover wheels available for purchase at http://www.enertionboards.com/raptor-accessories.html

We expect wheels to be in stock within the next month, so we can ship it together with your R2 order if you put notes advising us to do this in the comments section of your order along with your R2 order number.

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Thanks for the reply Adrian! Don’t want to make this thread about my order, but will I get an email or something where I can find said comments section or did I miss something yesterday?



No worries Roo!

If you make a new order, you can add comments when you’re on this page of your checkout.

If you just put in there “Please ship with Order #####” (your R2 order #), we can arrange this


I got ya, thanks! So one last question, could I just get the 97mm wheels as stock instead of the 90mm and pay the difference rather than buying another set of wheels? I anticipate with the roads in NYC I’ll need the wheels to be as large as possible, so once I’m set with those, I won’t have a lot of use for the 90mm.



I’m afraid this isn’t possible, but perhaps you can keep the others as spares or on-sell them to others if you really don’t want them? I’m sure people would buy a set of wheels if you could ship it to them from a local source.


did you look at www.trampaboards.com ?


Why isn’t it possible to choose wheels when pre-ordering now? His raptor isn’t built yet so what’s the problem?


Because they get more of your money the way it is now.


I’m assuming they produce as many sets of 90mm wheels as they do boards, so they would end up with an orphan set of wheels. Although they do sell them separately on the site so could just add my set to that inventory. My order was recently placed and being a relatively small operation being able to configure ad-hoc per customer should be accommodated. People are going to want to configure their boards during the purchase process now there are wheel options and I imagine this will become normal across the market. I assumed I would be able to at some point, so admittedly this has taken a little of the excitement edge and brand love away.


Nah I hadn’t seen these! Interesting pneumatic tyres. Could definitely see me getting a set of those and 3D printing some alu wheels to try mounting on the raptor.


It would disrupt the building line if evryone wanted diffrent wheels with the board.


Enertion can rest on their laurels for a little bit because they have the edge on performance but as the competitors close in on that factor, they will have to innovate. Incorporating configuration into their assembly line so customers can choose a set up that allows whatever job they’re getting the product for to get done is low hanging fruit and will definitely happen at some point.


Adrian, why isn’t this possible?



It’s not “possible” because they get more money out of the deal. It’s a separate purchase which generates more revenue for them.


It might be possible in the future when they aren’t so much behind on the orders like they are now. :slight_smile:


Roo, I move in the startup community in Silicon Valley. At first blush, my thoughts are… if you plan to invent something for the skateboard industry, I would consider it a ‘labor of love’. The number of potential buyers (TAM; total addressable market) that would want such a product is just too tiny. Pour your talent into something with a much bigger upside for the same amount of effort.