Which board would you choose? E-Skateboard comparison


Check out the table Electric Skateboard Comparison 2017. Which one would you prefer / buy / own?

I own a Onewheel and Carbon GT and like them booth. But I am also interested in the eSnowboard from Leiftech. Anyone had a chance to ride it?

Cheers from Berlin



As a previous Evolve GT owner, I’d never buy another Evolve product again. Got injured due to RF interference. Board took off on its own. They sent out a new remote, same issue. Sent board back they couldn’t repro the issue, well go figure, RF is environmentally related. You won’t repro it in a warehouse in an industrial park. You have to be in the town / city. In the country the GT was fine. Anyways, they replaced the controller said board is fine. Board came back, gave me false confidence, board then failed to stop accelerating when I was going 22mph, it quickly accelerated up to 24mph and wouldn’t stop. Luckily I was on flats. After 5 seconds the board finally went to neutral. Emailed Evolve, noted that issues are still occurring. The entire time touchy unpredictable control, touchy throttle and brake. They kept sending random bluetooth ‘repairing’ instructions which didn’t do a damn thing. I emailed them again, they didn’t respond. Called, no answer, only voice mail. Left messages. Nothing. I then was riding the thing and the brakes / regen failed to engage coming to a busy intersection with cars, almost got side swiped by a car since I couldn’t stop. Thank god I was able to turn to avoid a collision with a 3,000lb car. Then the damn board jumps into reverse as I’m going 9mph on its own!!! And I won’t go into all the damn drop-outs it had. And the board is not usable in miles and falsely advertised. The damn board goes into ECO mode at 20% and will slam you on your face if you’re going up a hill in GT mode and it decides to just reduce power on you to granny mode. Bad bad bad design. And the reason for all this mess? Cheap ass parts and cheap ass batteries to make a huge margin on sales. The board is not worth it. I own multiple Metroboards which I’m surprised its not on this list because its a great board, very safe, fun, is modular in design and MetroBoard offers upgrades like remotes to keep your board up to date as much as possible with technology. And I have never been injured nor at risk riding this board. I ended up going with a Trampa build that has the best of the best componetns, Samsung batteries, Olin VESCs, Trampa trucks, Alien motors, etc. Best board ever, way powerful, way fast, and I have not felt any voltage sags whatsoever, why, its built with good components. I also can adjust the throttle and brake curve as well as the behavior of the battery cut-off, controller, and motors via a mobile or computer app.

Evolve products are junk. And they’re so full of it denying to everyone who has an issue ignoring serious concerns around safety. Surprised nobody has died and no-one has sued these guys. The Evolve 1 is plagued by the same issues and so will their overly blinged out GTX.

There are some who don’t have issues with the GT, my guess is that these people have parts like radios and batteries that are at least made to tolerance of a working acceptable board. Also they may not be in an area that generates the correct RF frequency/noise that flips out the radio on the board. No electric skateboard, especially consumer level, should be prone to interference. Evolve didn’t even want to know more information on my issue. I asked if they would like to come to the area to reproduce it, its reproducible almost every day. I even bought a brand new remote on my own dollar to see if somehow my remote was messed up, nope, it made the board unridable. I couldn’t go 300 feet without the remote cutting out, jamming on the brakes with chop, or accelerating whenever it wanted to. Took me months and I finally got in touch with the head of EvolveUSA and asked for a verified working board or my money back. He said he’d give me another board, but they didn’t do any changes, so its going to be the same thing. I said no thanks, I want my money back, which they refunded. But they dragged their feet on that on for 3 weeks until it happened.

I would not recommend an Evolve GT to anyone.

You couldn’t give me a GT for free after this mess.


That’s rough! Glad you got the refund.

Those kind of issues (QA and reliable control system) are one of the biggest reasons esk8 is dangerous and probably gets a bad name. I have heard almost none of those kind of issues from Boosted.


Apparently the Boosted V1 had remote disconnection issues, again, associated with interference at busy intersections. The riders in NYC documented it a fair amount on YouTube, Sam Sheffer, etc. I remember seeing a comment about the sensors laid under the road to sense the volume of cars present. The tech/interference with these sensors were likely causing the issues. Boosted V2 has fixed this though, zero issues that I’ve seen reported.

Having read countless comments and threads, I’ve honestly no idea what pre-made board to suggest to anybody to buy now… apart from the Raptor 2 based on the awesome videos @MojaFilm has been making :sunglasses:

I rode a GTX a few weeks ago, loved how it felt, but, again, the countless threads (and Instagram posts from @longhairedboy) regarding the batteries in the boards now makes me simply want to build my 3rd DIY board.


Just buy one of mine. The hardest part of building a board is coming to terms with spending all that money. You’ll still get to enjoy that part with one of mine.


Dude I should apologise, how could I forget about your boards!? :open_mouth: Yup, buy a LHB bitchin’ board!:smiling_imp: Only issue would be (for me and a few others) is shipping one to the UK…


The only problem is the battery. As long as he ships it with out the battery and you get someone to make you a battery in your own country. Not really that big a deal to get a super awesome custom made eSk8.


Yeah I would recommend you take a look at Jed Board’s Instagram. They’re doing some cool stuff with gear drives, using some high quality Panasonic Tesla cells, offer a 2 year warranty standard etc…
Otherwise LHB never dissapoints, Raptor 2 is just shipping out but looks crazy fast, and boosted has a good rep if you dont need a long range. And yeah, keep away from evolve crap. Most people I know regret buying them.


The evolve carbon GT has treated me well. Vsry reliable, great range and speed. I have about 500 miles on mine over the last year.

Boosted was great nut I kill the Battery in like 10 minutes or 3.5 miles

Ill have a raptor 2 in a month or so, I have high hopes for that board.


I have a Koowheel right now, and am hating the low quality parts that keep crapping out on me. Once it’s truly done I will either get a:

  • Mellow
  • Because it’s supposed to be:
    • Really reliable & made to last. Speed is not that important to me, quality and reliability really, really is. Mellow claims to be strong in this regard.
    • Europe based, will make warranty stuff easier.
    • Waterproof.
    • Really silent and good freewheeling.
  • What I don’t like about it:
    • Range is short, so I will always have to carry a backpack with extra battery.
    • Wheels are smaller then koowheel (80mm vs 90mm), will make bumps harder too handle.
    • Remote is an unknown, I might not like its handling.
  • Raptor 2
  • Because:
    • Remote handling is similar to koowheel, whose remote I like.
    • Fast & long range.
    • Kicktail.
    • Stealthy look.
    • Supposed to handle rough roads pretty good. (only 1 report so far)
    • 90mm wheels, just like the Koowheel, with a promise bigger wheels coming “soon”.
  • Dislikes & unknowns:
    • General reliability & warranty in Europe is an unknown.
    • Waterproofing is mentioned, but mellow explained this a lot better, giving me more trust in this aspect.
    • Kind of a dumb point, but I think 50 km/h is too fast for me if I think rationally, but if the board has it I will be tempted to try it.
  • Motors appear to be louder then mellow’s.
  • Made in China with only intermittent supervision.

Guess I’ll just hope that the Koowheel keeps working for a few more months, so that the reviews can really show which of these board is higher quality.


Raptor 2 is IP65

6 Dust Tight No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.

5 Water jets Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

Cant explain any better than that as IP ratings are internationally recognised…


What I mean by that is that Mellow posted this: https://www.mellowboards.com/en/blog/waterproofing-the-electric-skateboard/ where they show a bit how waterproofing is achieved, when the seal is broken, show how it’s tested etc… It also shows that true waterproofing that lasts is not an easy thing to create. Remember boosted, one of the highest quality manufacturers out there, had to retract their waterproof claims for the v2 after real-world usage.

So overall this gives me more faith in the Mellow, especially since it comes from rainy Germany, while the raptor was dreamed up in sunny australia.

If there is similar info on the raptor 2 out there, please share!


Explanation is all well and good but IP rating is the internationally accepted standard. Mellow is also rated IP65. Mellow and Raptor 2 are tested to the exact same standard, so should be equally water resistant…(Rating doesn’t matter about which country was designed in)


I don’t agree, mellow waterproofing was tested in the real world, raptor 2 wasn’t (so far). Mellow explained how long the waterproofing lasts, and when it is broken (if you replace something), enertion didn’t.

Clearly mellow has gone the extra mile in this regard, and enertion hasn’t (yet).


I actually have a Leif coming in pretty soon (hopefully!)
Will be sure to share my experience here!


I have a Raptor 1 it’s a much less refined board than the Raptor 2 but after a little tinkering the board is perfect has power to spare and the range is excellent, I was able to get 16miles from 100% charge and I weight 285lbs. I can’t wait for my R2 but my R1 will always have a place in my heart. Metro board is a good reliable board too


My Carbon GT deck just died after 14 months of riding. I’ve never been 100kg…

Evolve said I could buy replacement deck or send in for repair.

! Not happy!


ive seen alot of that and thats the main reason i havnt purchased a Carbon GT im a heavy guy and those decks are known to crack with normal riders.

Frankly i was afraid of my Raptor carbon deck cracking with my weight but ive put about 200 miles on her so far and ive done some really hard carving and high speed turns and its been super solid.


Not sure why Metroboard isn’t in that table? They have the most powerful, most durable, and most reliable “mass produced” board out there, plus their customer service is second to none. Plus you can order a board and have it at your doorstep in 2-3 weeks. I own 3 and have never had an issue I couldn’t resolve myself.


why am i not in this list?

I’m sending this site a letter demanding answers.

edit: never mind. I can’t ship to Europe anyway. Carry on. Nothing to see here.