Why I support eSk8ing - from the publisher of a skateboard magazine


Greetings e-skaters.
My name is Michael Brooke. I’ve been riding skateboards since 1975.
To give you a sense of how long ago that was, I started with clay wheels and Glen Campbell hit the charts with “Rhinestone Cowboy.” And oh yeah, punk rock hadn’t hit skateboarding yet!

Through a series of rather unique circumstance, I wound up publishing the world’s first longboard magazine in August of 1999. It was called “International Longboarder” (I know, truly super creative title!). But with the hindsight of almost 2 decades , I can look back and say that it was the beginning of an epic ride…and the ride has not stopped.

ESk8 culture matters for many of the same reasons that skateboard culture matters.

  1. Freedom - you just pick up the board, open the door and GO

  2. Creativity - you can do a ton of things with your board - and ESk8 allows you to tweak things beyond the actual act of riding…it’s like a freaking HOMEBREW computer club here!

  3. It’s the future of transportation. Cars are a necessary evil in the city. Commuting by skateboard is awesome…but it’s not for everyone. Electric transport can bring in those who don’t want just a longboard. This is the same thing that happened when folks realized they didn’t need to do 40 stair ollies to enjoy skateboarding.

  4. It’s kept the lights on in some skate shops. Let’s face it, skateshops are having tough times out there. On line sales dominate a lot of the business. Electric skateboards have been a godsend for certain skate shops.

  5. It brings awareness to skateboarding…and creates new skaters. I bet there are some folks who move from electric to non-electric. Good for them. In the famous words of Bill Danforth, “It doesn’t matter what you are riding, as long as you are riding.”

Would love to get your thoughts




Welcome eboard, It’s really nice to have your comments here…

I feel a very interesting energy in the world of esk8 latley…

Lots of the legendary names from “push” Skateboards are popping their heads into the esk8 realm… Yourself, Brad Chris… interesting times…

It tells me a few things…

  1. Esk8 is about to go mainstream.
  2. Due to more affordable entry price points the next generation of skaters may actually experience esk8 before sk8.
  3. Overall Quality and performance improvements.
  4. And of course money, probably a few billion dollars worth of industry in next 5-7 years.


100% agree. I used to love driving, now I hate it. Too many cars and too much road rage makes for an unpleasant way to travel… but you have drive sometimes. Electric skateboards, depending on the weather, can get you places. You’re getting exercise, working your core muscles, breathing air (not air conditioning) and meeting new people that you otherwise probably wouldn’t have met.

@onloop’s theories and vision for the future are spot-on, the next few years will see a further transition point in electric transport. From battery rental (making BIG amp-hour boards usable internationally once purchased), to generally moving around in a way more sustainable fashion, especially when battery packs will half in price due to the many Gigafactories being built.

Great to have you onboard, @mbrooke:sunglasses:


can you spread the word on this?


Post it up on in the Events section of the Builders forum, it’ll get traction there :slight_smile: