WTB Nano X or alternative replacement controller for Raptor 2.1 wanted


The USB port broke off in a wreck the other day, and I’m running low on juice now in the nano x so I’m seeking a new nano x or anything else I can replace my old one with on the raptor 2.1. I dislike it totally, and would love to try literally any other controller, but I can’t seem to find any info about swapping for the raptor 2.
If I can find something to buy, I can send you an overnight label, and hopefully we can get this out to me by Tuesday at the latest. If anyone is in CALI and can ship one today I’ll pay the good money for it to be overnighted today, saturday delivery. *(I’ll provide UPS label at the drop of a hat.


The plastic rod of the power switch on mine broke on the second day of owning it. I agree, it’s a pretty disappointing controller.


I dislike the ergonomics of the remote most.


Looks like I can manually hold the USB port on the board, to charge. SO I just gotta take the controller apart to charge until I can find a new nano X for sale. Still holding out for something tonight to be shipped from the west coast.

I can send a UPS label right away.


Enertion really is good though. They asked me to send a few pics and they are sending me a new controller. That is surprising, as I broke this by slamming on the ground at 30mph. I am still interested in buying another controller though, to have back ups.


I am more interested in finding a different controller.