WTB New e-boards


Hey guys, I am going to be heading to college this up coming year so i need a type of transportation. So i thought of e-boards. I’m looking for a board under $500 but under $400 would be the best. I would try off-brand skatebords but i’m too scared with what limited amount of money i have. I’m not too worried about speed but more worried about acceleration and distance. Looks is a biggy on this topic because if i dont like it i can easily sell. I like inhub motors cause you can push them and coaster easier but if you guys could help me that would be great!



Go here dude. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders

I’m sure you can find something.


Http://ownboard.net http://wowgoboard.com are good refs


Keep an electric scooter… It’s funny, faster, but very heavy