WTB: Trampa or LaCroix build


Looking to purchase a city AT board. Most interested in a Trampa type build or something like a LaCroix board. I’m on the heavier side so looking for a build for someone 250+


What’s up with the examples? You looking to buy something? Or are you just teaching others how to post correctly?


Lol. No clue. I wrote the first couple sentences the rest somehow appended itself when I posted. Now edited.


Lacroix looks very nice. Its a very wide maple deck. Looks like they are using great qulity gear like mbs matrix trucks Foc box and not sure about the motors but they have hall sensors. Personal i would go Trampa. Lacroix has one deck option mind you it looks very nice and the battery enclosure is the reason I like it. Trampa has multiple deck truck tyre motor options especially if you want AT. If your worried about flex and weight the 17ply is rated up to 300lb with a lifetime warranty “unbreakable”. All i can say is if your in love with the Lacroix deck pull the trigger otherwise go Trampa…Just my 2 cents