WTS Loaded Tesseract Deck (w/ free gift)


Have a basically brand new Loaded Tesseract Deck that has been used only to mount a set up on to test motors and a battery - didn’t have anything else readily available. Never actually ridden and no scratches whatsoever, original grip tape and everything else is the same as it came from the factory. Have plenty of decks and this was given to me as payment from someone who owed me a few hundred dollars for some work I had done for him.

$170 obo.
**** If purchased at full price I will include a ***** Psychotiller Enclosure for free that fits the deck perfectly ($70 value)

Located in Orange County, CA.

Will ship anywhere a buyer wants to pay for and make sure that it goes out in the mail the same/next day depending on the time of day.

Contact me here or email me directly at jansenfalvai@gmail.com

Description from the Loaded Website below.

The Loaded 39" Tesseract is designed for freeriding and downhill. Pressed with vertically laminated bamboo with triaxial epoxy and a cork veneer, it is stiff for stability. Measuring 39" in length and 9.75" in width, the symmetrical shape has kicktails for agility. The platform has rocker and a W concave for push comfort. The grip tape overflow acts as gas pedals without the angled edge. It has flared wheel wells prevent wheel bite and multiple wheelbase options.

Function: Downhill, Freeride
Material: Vertically Laminated Bamboo, Triaxial Epoxy, Cork Veneer
Features: Kicktails, Rocker, W Concave, Flared Wheel Wells, Multiple Wheelbase Options, Top Mount, Symmetrical
Length: 39"
Width: 9.75"
Wheelbase: 24.5" - 26"
Thickness: 0.5"
Concave: 0.5"
Rocker: 0.125"
Hole Pattern: New School
Grip: Die Cut Black Grip

Oh and also have this new remote if anyone needs it as well if anyone wants it for cheap - $25 plus shipping. Never been used.


Nice deck dude. I can vouch for how nice this thing is. Maybe I’m biased though. Lol. I’m sure you’ll sell it fast. Head over to the .builders forum. You’ll get more action there. :wink:


Word!!! Thanks my dude! A buddy owed me some money and had this deck still in the rapper so got paid that way. LOL. Was going to use it for a build but I have the new moonshine outlaw I’d rather use and though this deck is sick, just don’t feel it’s 100% right for the ESK8 world. Just my preference though. I do however really like (love actually) this deck but the cantelated one cause that one seems perfect for a esk8 set up.

Appreciate the advice, I’ve actually posted this twice on the builder form, once like 3-4 months ago and once a month ago. Got 2 low ball as offers around $100, and then one guy who was gonna pay asking price to get the enclosure but he lived in the Philippines and it was more to ship than what the board cost. FML. Im not desperate to sell it or anything, just taking up room and don’t need it though. Gotta get at least $150 for it cause its literally brand new and impossible to find under $200… right?

Honestly though, am I trippin?


You’ll get $150 for it. That’s a great price for this deck. Probably just gotta wait it out I guess. Good luck on the sale. I’m sure someone will pick it up soon.

The outlaw is a sick deck. I love it. Been eyeing a couple moonshine decks lately.


I hope! Thanks bro, Ill let you know how the outlaw is and do a build thread. Have everything so once my collarbone isn’t still too painful I will start it. Oh and I need an enclosure for it but psychotiller told me last week that he would crank one out cause he’s done one for that deck before with its unique grab rails but that he couldn’t till after the Vegas event but I think he got back last night so should be able to go pick that up any day now. Happy Monday homie.