WTS: Raptor 2 #312 (not recieved yet) from Germany 1200€



Hello there,

since i moved, won’t be needing the Raptor anymore.
I just realized that i’ll ride my All-Terrain only where i live now.
Since I could not forsee that, i’m selling my - not yet delivered - Raptor 2.

I could change the delivery address or send it by DHL when i recieve it.

I’m board number 313.

I would like to have the price i originally payed for it (1204,04€) --> 1200 €
We also should discuss what happens if the germany government wants additional taxes/toll.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Greetings from Germany!


Had mine for a month in Germany don’t worry about the tax :relieved:

Is that with extended warranty or without?


Good to hear, i don’t trust the german toll :smiley:

It has just the normal warranty


i totally forgot to mention that it was ordered with a boostpack


Yup boostpack is standard on every board now, technically could have gotten away without paying it and still gotten it sadly. Well mite consider it although I spent allot this month. If you get no takers wouldn’t mind having a 2nd. Btw you do know there is a German e-skate forum too mite even manage to sell it for a profit there or on ebay.


Yea just wantet to mention it.
I think it’s unfair that everyone gets it now.

I don’t wanna be that ass for overcharging. If i get all my money back and don’t loose a cent i’m fine and someone will be happy.

Already talking to someone so i it is reserved right now


Well its included in the price now. And from the early backers if I remember correctly 94% actually did pay boost pack something like that.

Fair enough on it being reserved.



Just sold it to the first person who asked.
Nice deal, thank you all.