WTS: Raptor 2 - New In Box



Raptor 2 for sale.

Want to buy a Raptor 2 but not go to the back of the shipping line? The board is order 12752 and is for sale now for what I paid. This board has not yet shipped from Enertion. I will either change the shipping address to yours or ship it to you immediately upon delivery to me.

Raptor 2: $1550 AUD ($1216 USD)
Boostpack: $77 AUD ($60 USD)
Total: $1627 AUD ($1278 USD) + Shipping

As of today, Enertion says:

…based on your order number, it will be shipped out in November. You may refer to this link for the schedule. Your order is number 479 in the queue, we’ve already shipped out 130 boards and expecting to ship out 200 more this month. We are hoping and working hard to ship out the orders ahead of schedule.


What is a boost pack?


A “upgrade” sold during the funding of r2. ALL Raptor 2s come with the same battery capacity and Bluetooth module.


I bought in first batch, do you mean when he upgraded battery size?


How much is it to ship it to Norway? I’m interested :slight_smile:


Hey minim, I just talked with Enertion and they can change the shipping address to wherever I want and there will be no fees for shipping. They did note that there are sometimes customs/import fees that are charged by certain countries, you’d have to look into that on your end.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Hi, I’m very interested in buying it out. I live in UK, need Raptor quickly, so if the offer is still there, let me know.


still got??


@standardhuman still have it for sale?